Whew. What a rollercoaster of a few months it’s been since I wrote my previous post. Back in December when I published that article, my head was full of the pernicious effects of climate change on our environment and lives. I was staying in San Lucido, a quiet small town in Calabria, southern Italy. WithContinue reading “Retrospective”

Deployed to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

It began with an email: ‘the UN team has contacted us and they are requesting your deployment as soon as possible, initially for six weeks…how quickly would you be able to travel and assume your responsibilities in Dhaka or Cox’s Bazar?’ This was on Saturday evening, 7 October, 2017.  Just over one week later, IContinue reading “Deployed to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh”

Work and Live Abroad – part 2

Finding those pesky international jobs – here are some ideas. General international jobs LinkedIn LinkedIn’s job board includes a nicely designed layout, good keyword search tool and a wide variety of advertised jobs. Also being able to message directly through InMail makes the process a bit more personable. I’ve sometimes found that jobs can beContinue reading “Work and Live Abroad – part 2”

Vanessa Curney