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Travels through Asia

At the start of 2017 I said that I wanted to travel to Asia and Asia-Pacific that year. From May I got to work in reporting and public information for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (or, more simply, OCHA) in South Asia (Pakistan and Bangladesh). At the beginning of December and following these busy assignments I decided to make my way around India, Australia and Thailand for the first time visiting Kolkata, Sydney and Bangkok. Three weeks later I was back in London spending a lovely Christmas break with my 84-year-old Mum, my brother and his…

Christmas in Croydon High Street

  I often pass by this steel band orchestra in Croydon High Street, usually at the weekends. I think they’re great, and I defy you not to shake your shoulders in time to their sunny music. I like that it’s a mixed group  – agewise and ethnically. You can find their website here.

Music to my ears

Southwark Cathedral’s moody night exterior wouldn’t be out of keeping in a gothic novel. Tucked away on the south bank of the River Thames in London, it is bathed in an inky, misty blue light, an eeriness surrounding its ghostly hues. Inside, however, is a different story as music lights it up with the mellifluous tones of Bach, the bright and vibrant rhythms of Bach and elegant sounds of Purcell, all accompanied by gorgeous gleams of candlelight. First a disclaimer. I’m not a professional musician. Yes, I sang Faure’s ‘Requiem’ and Haydn’s ‘Creation’ with my school choir. However, that was…