Work hubs for digital nomads in London – part one

I stumbled upon The Larder (photo above) on a lucky rainy morning. En-route elsewhere, and scurrying away from a sudden downpour, this café caught my eye and I gratefully bagged a cosy corner seat. What a find. Contemporary and airy, there’s a selection of decent wines and super fresh foods in this café/winebar/store. I decided toContinue reading “Work hubs for digital nomads in London – part one”

Niger, Communications and UNICEF

Back in 2010 when I was working there as a communications specialist for UNICEF, Niger was facing a humanitarian crisis – a severe food crisis bordering on famine. Drought and high food prices had hugely distressed Nigeriens, especially outside the capital, Niamey: villagers such as the pastoralist pictured below (name withheld) and the two Tuareg menContinue reading “Niger, Communications and UNICEF”