A fine afternoon in Tokyo

My visit to Ebisu encapsulates some of the reasons for my recent first time visit to Tokyo: the cultural offerings, the food, and fresh experiences. I daresay the landscape and geography have much to recommend themselves too, but, alas, time cut short my tasting of those. I started my day by once again navigating the [...]

Co-working in Kuala Lumpur – WOTSO

WOTSO CEO Stuart Brown I was delighted to chance upon a co-working space in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the cool, colourful and spacious design aesthetics I like. WOTSO brings its successful model from Australia, with a 24/7 office neatly tucked into the Mercu Summer Suite building in central KL. Here, CEO Stuart Brown talks business. [...]

Try these Kuala Lumpur restaurants

Try these Kuala Lumpur restaurants

These are Kuala Lumpur restaurants I would return to a second time (and especially to Lai Po Heen, pictured above, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel). This will depend on whether they can maintain a consistent standard of service. HoMinSan black truffle pork dumplings HoMinSan The choice of KL restaurants and cafes at the Pavilion mall [...]

Hobbits, Tolkien, Oxford and Writing

  I decided to hot foot it over to Oxford for a dose of literary inspiration, where the Bodleian/Weston Library hosts the J.R.R. Tolkien exhibition until October. The Financial Times published a pre-exhibition review that tells it far better than I can – you can read it here. Writers' craft But I learned some valuable [...]