Some things brought an extra smile this week. First, there was the free bottle of Montepulciano that came with my Nectar loyalty vouchers. Timed by design or accident, this ‘gift’ came in time for my birthday and was enjoyed. Thanks Sainsbury’s. Next, en route to the West End I decided to make an unplanned pitstop … Continue reading Gifts

History of China in photos

One of the things I enjoy about London are the galleries and exhibitions, such as the one I visited yesterday. The Chinese Photobook at the Photographers Gallery explores aspects of China’s history from the Empire and Peoples Republic of China (1900 to 1949) to the present. It’s beautifully laid out and worth the trip. Having … Continue reading History of China in photos

Summer’s coming

I’m being a bit more mindful of my diet these days. No ‘fad’ diets – yet. It’s more about healthy eating. I found this bottle of red wine in Sainsburys yesterday, reduced to £3.50. With 55 per cent reduced alcohol, and 35 per cent less calories, what’s not to like? Okay, granted there could be … Continue reading Summer’s coming