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I’m Vanessa Curney, a well-travelled writer and content development expert who works across continents and time-zones. I’m comfortable working remotely or in-country.

Welcome to my digital space.

What I do:

Communication and content ‘audits’.

Build bridges between external and internal stakeholders to develop and produce content.

I manage creative and editorial content for organisations, making technical issues compelling to a wide range of audiences.

And, I’ve been responsible for the direction of social/digital media – setting the overall tone, identifying opportunities to improve the organisation’s digital presence and evaluating performance.

I’ve seen the challenges of addressing environment, health and other needs, whether working in the UK or carrying out assignments for OCHA in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh; UNICEF in Niger and Bangladesh; or UNFPA in Nigeria.

I’m always looking for ways to engage and express my thoughts and opinions about issues close to my heart – especially sustainability. This includes the critical matter of climate change which you can read here; or sudden UN humanitarian deployments to (for example) Bangladesh to report on the crisis facing the Rohingya people in 2017. And then, there’s the more lighthearted articles, such as my travels through Asia.

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(Vanessa) has great qualities bringing fresh new ideas and unique perspectives to each interaction and also working alongside team members.

Despite the tight deadlines, she was always willing to help when needed. She is highly responsible and dedicated to her work, and I highly recommend Vanessa for future career engagements.


Vanessa worked as an editor and a proofreader for UNICEF Ukraine for two years...(she) performed very well, completing all the assignments in time and (to a) high quality.


Vanessa is the Strat Comms whisperer! Vanessa supported me to develop a comprehensive strategic communications approach.

She is very thorough, detailed oriented and knowledgeable of the field. All important factors.

However, Vanessa really stood apart from others in the level of interest and research she conducted in the subject matter in order to provide the best and most appropriate guidance.

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