A London Lockdown – in pictures

London 1 edit

I was able to take in some London sights during ‘permitted’ lockdown exercise times. Invariably this meant early morning jogging away from the crowds, headphones set resolutely around my ears, with upbeat tunes blasting like splashes of cold water on the face. BTS currently plays this role for me: aside from the occasional English phrase I don’t understand what they are saying (part of their charm), but I like the summer vibe beats that also remind me of pre-Covid trips to Asia.

As summer presses in and lockdown eases, I won’t be too relaxed yet. I plan on keeping my guard up, continuing to stay safe and alert, and see out balmy months filled with work projects and quieter urban landscapes.

I didn’t take this final photo while out jogging but, rather, simply walking around the city pre-lockdown.

Last London edit


Top: Houses of Parliament, Westminster
Second row (left, right): London Eye; South Bank Lion
Third row (left, right): Park Plaza Hotel; London Eye
Bottom photo: County Hall/London Eye

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