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I went to two events this week that were worth the time. The first, on Weds 30th November, was for independent consultants and hosted in Bermondsey by the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA).

Two speakers brought different perspectives on the evening’s theme ‘The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes.’ Author Michael Townsend Williams urged us to pay more attention to our breathing especially in the midst of trying daily work situations. He should know something about stress having worked in advertising at Saatchi’s.

The second speaker, Ruth Butah, emphasised the importance of attitude, focus and determination to reach goals, and shared from her own life about juggling children and home with work duties.

It was good meeting some of the other PRCA members. Savvy and highly experienced communication professionals, it reminded me just how important it is to somehow keep embedded within these peer and mentoring relationships, both for learning and for encouragement. A couple of conversations have already clarified some career-related decisions. Thanks, Hasnath, for arranging this evening at such a great venue (Lexis PR, 75 Bermondsey Street, London).

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