COIN, the co-working hub in Zadar


COIN is the go-to coworking space in Zadar for freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals working remotely. It is home to Zadar residents, but is beginning to attract international attention. Digital nomads like Zadar’s European location, cheap Ryanair flights, its temperate climate, coffee culture, picturesque scenery with the Adriatic Sea as the star backdrop and now, dedicated and quality working facilities in the shape of COIN.

COIN offers modern designed open work spaces, fast and secure internet access, a meeting room, lockers, comfortable break out area, kitchen facilities and workspace areas that can be hired for greater privacy.

“COIN users are engaged in graphic design, web design, electrical engineering projects, accounting, programming, business consulting, translating, etc” points out Jasminka Smokrovic, secretary and legal advisor to the Association of Trades and Crafts, one of the founding partners of COIN. “Most of them use the facilities every day, and we have noticed this trend in mutual co-operation between them. There have already been several cases of two or more people doing jobs for each other. We feel happy, proud and satisfied with such an outcome.”


What separates COIN from the rest is that it wasn’t set up privately through entrepreneurial individuals. Instead, it was formed three years ago under the auspices of the European Union through five public partner organisations. The cost of using the space facilities “is one of the cheapest in the co-working market’ says Jasminka. Potentially, for a city with a high youth unemployment rate of around 50 per cent, affordable pricing and the opportunity to network with others could create an ideal hub for the more entrepreneurially minded young professional in Zadar.

COIN has only been up and running for a year, but it’s hoped it will become a platform and incubator for entrepreneurs and the start-up scene. In December this year, COIN will host a digital career information day when budding Croatian entrepreneurs can find out more about remote working. “The community is growing, and in a few years it will become a great place to share ideas, ” says Sime Erlic, head of Administration of EU Funds at the city of Zadar, another of the COIN partners. “For example, we plan to set up a mentoring network of local professional experts who will advise young people. The EU has been pretty supportive of the (COIN) initiative. Croatia has a weak economy, and so this kind of innovation is a positive thing.”

COIN partners are: City of Zadar, Association of Trades and Crafts Zadar, Croatia Chamber of Commerce (Zadar chamber) and the Public Agency for Development of Zadar Country (ZADRA NOVA).

For more information about COIN including contact details, pricing and opening hours please visit the COIN website

Photo (from back left to right): Šime Erlić, Head of Administration of EU Funds at the City of Zadar; Tina Marin, Senior Associate for EU Funds at the City of Zadar; Slavica Kosović, Senior Associate for EU Funds at the City of Zadar; Jasminka Smokrović, Secretary and legal adviser to the Association of Trades and Crafts Zadar; Ana-Marija Tahija, Senior Associate for EU Funds at the City of Zadar; Antonia Brkljača, Senior Associate for EU Funds at Zadar County Development Agency (ZADRA nova)

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