From September, 2015

Niger, Communications and UNICEF

  Back in 2010 when I was working there as a communications specialist for UNICEF, Niger was facing a humanitarian crisis – a severe food crisis bordering on famine. Drought and high food prices had hugely distressed Nigeriens, especially outside the capital, Niamey: villagers such as the pastoralist pictured below (name withheld) and the two Tuareg men were seeing their livestock dying off because of the lack of food. ‘This year there was so little rain during the growing season that not only did the fields of millet not bloom, but the secondary greens used for animal fodder also failed.’* By…

K’Mariko – fashion designer

You’ll have to forgive my dodgy photography on this one. This was five years ago. Hopefully you’ll agree that I’ve improved since then. But I stumbled on these photos and thought it worth taking a short trip down memory lane. This fashion show is a recording of a lighter moment in Niger, 2010, during my (unrelated) mission with UNICEF. The designer, K’Mariko, (not pictured here) is still in Niger and going strong. You can find more about her here – kmariko

Rule of Law and other things

I’m spending the day at the British Library, one of my favourite work hubs, as I mentioned in a previous post. This time I’m on the second floor in the Newsroom. The wing doesn’t necessarily just house seasoned hacks beavering away. There is a big screen viewing rolling news (on mute) from various channels and print media such as Sky, BBC News and Buzzfeed. But I managed to bag myself a semi-enclosed enclave where I could juice up my gadgets (iPhone, iPad) to my heart’s content, read, and try not to get distracted by the ever-changing news stories rolling across the screen.…