Next stop – Italy

Italian mealI really must stop blogging about food. Anyway. Here’s my Italian inspired meal tonight: spaghetti cooked in garlic, red chilies, olive oil, butter, a pinch of salt, some basil, black pepper, water and chicken stock; then some spinach; and finally coated with gorgonzola.

All washed down and enjoyed with a glass of red wine, and the mellifluous tones of songstress Sade.

Okra stew

Okra stewMy dinner tonight is Sierra Leone inspired okra stew, made by my Mum and her friend. The hardest part of this stew is cutting up a whole lot of okra into tiny pieces. But it’s worth it as it melts into the sauce.

Chunks of beef (or it could be lamb) and cuts of fresh mackerel have gone in – usually we add salmon and/or sea bass but the mackerel works well.

The finishing touch is a generous-ish sprinkle of palm oil, accompanied by plain rice (I’ve added spinach to this one) or fu-fu (cassava mixed with water). Yum.

Sparkling writing

Sparkling wine picI’m currently taking a MOOC on writing (massive open online course) with edX and the University of Queensland. The lecturer surprised me with the information that the words ‘grammar’ and ‘glamour’ are related, as they both derive from the Greek word ‘grammatikos’ meaning letter. Apparently, the narrowing of grammar to mean the ‘rules of language’ only came into being during the late seventeenth century.

I’m enamoured of and intrigued with the idea of grammar being closely linked to the word ‘glamour’. I’d like to make my writing ‘pop’. I do adapt my writing styles to various forms of marketing materials. Sometimes it’s a lively piece for my blog; or an article to touch hearts and minds such as a human interest story; or a dry, academic style required for a report or technical document.

The word glamour to me evokes excitement, but also, high quality. If I can inject a bit more of both into all my writing styles I’ll be happy.

I’m looking forward to learning more from this course.

Click here to visit the edX website and find the Write101x course