Communications for Development (C4D)

British Library photo July 2015I’ve recently been spending a fair amount of time at the British Library in Kings Cross. Cafes are great places to read and work, but sometimes – or rather often in my case – the loud music (however cool ) can be a bit of a distraction. This library is great as an academic and work hub space, with the addition of a nice business centre with some very useful research materials for start-ups et al.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some reading up on communications for development, or C4D as it’s known. C4D sounds intriguing as it seems to move beyond the traditional communication areas of media relations and of simply listening and reiterating stories to raise visibility and awareness. Those activities are still very much needed and are components of C4D. But it also involves guiding, advising and actually changing behaviours and attitudes. A UK example of this might be the nudge initiative.

But I’m still very much on a learning curve with this area of communications, though I hope to revisit more in the future.

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